CZ series chemical centrifugal pump

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Products overview

CZ series chemical centrifugal pumps are horizontal single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pumps. The size and performance are all accord with DIN24256/ISO2858 standard. The performance range of the CZ series includes all the performance of the IH series. The efficiency, cavitation performance and other indexes all exceed IH series standard chemical centrifugal pump. The CZ single pump can be exchanged with IH single pump. CZ series are used to convey high temperature liquid, neuter or corrosive liquid, clean liquid or liquid with solid particle. They are specially suitable for chemical and petroleum industry, refineries, paper factory, paper pulp and sugar industry as well as medium with special demand.


Performance range

Flow volume: 3.2~2000m3/h

Head: 7~160m

Speed: 2900r/min、1450r/min

Caliber: 32~300m

Working temperature: -80℃~+300℃

Working pressure: 2.5MPa


Characteristic curve is smooth with low cavitation and high efficiency. It can keep the characters even if not reach full load.


Model expression

CZ  50 - 200  A        CZ is chemical centrifugal pump series code;50 stands for pump outlet and inlet diameter(mm);200 stands for impeller nominal diameter(mm);A stands for impeller outer diameter after the first cutting



Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and other inorganic acid and organic acid of various temperature and concentration.

Sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and other alkaline solution of various temperature and concentration.

Various saline solution.

Various liquid petroleum chemical products, organic compound and other corrosive material and products.

 At present, the anticorrosion material of our company can satisfy the requirements of the above medium. When place an order, the details of the medium should be supplied as well.


Design characteristics

The pressure on the shaft seal is balanced by back blades or balance hole on the impeller. The shaft seal can adopt soft packing seal(can be cooled or not) or adopt single/double face, balance/non-balance mechanical seal of various structure. Ball bearings have durable service and abundant shaft diameter size to ensure stable operation. Pump casing of part specifications is designed into double spiral casing to balance radial force. Bearing holder, including shaft, impeller, packing box forms a combination component, which makes the pump casing avoid dismantling from pipes during repair(If adopt extension coupling, the motor is not necessary to be dismantled as well). The design of the flange adopts PN16/PN15(according to the material difference), and can apply ANSI125 pound/square inches or 150 pound/square inches.

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