Shandong precision pump Co. the company held the 2015 annual

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In December 31, 2015 2015, the annual summary of the work conference held in the conference room on the eighth floor of the company, the company leadership and all staff attended the meeting.
The meeting was presided over by Hu Guangkun, deputy general manager of the company, the company's general manager of the 2015 annual report of the work done in,.
General manager Chen Yang first analyzed China in 2015 the overall market environment, although in 2015 affected the steel, coal and high energy consumption and high pollution industry downturn, the company domestic market sales have been affected, but the company continued in 2014 to develop the sales policy, the company in the current severe market environment to maintain good liquidity, laid a solid foundation for the next step of the development of the company. At the same time in 2015 the international market development has made a major breakthrough, the product exports doubled in 2014.
The general manager reviews the lack of progress and in 2015 the company in product development, technological innovation, market development, the company's internal management and workshop management, proposed in 2016 the company will continue to adhere to the established domestic sales policy, continue to increase efforts to expand overseas markets, for 2016 sales growth of more than 10%; to improve site management the level of precision, increase production equipment investment; increase investment in research and development of new products, and strive to achieve a complete research and development of new products and put into production, reserve a new product, to further improve and perfect the existing production process, improve the quality management level.
The general manager pointed out in the report, although we are facing challenges but also threatened by growing crises, encounter a variety of opportunities, can be said that the challenges and opportunities coexist, hope all staff of the company constantly improve themselves and pull together in times of trouble, the firm belief of our company will be able to Pibozhanlang, rushed out of the tight encirclement.

Then deputy general manager Hu Guangkun announced the 2015 "excellent staff" list, general manager Chen Yang, deputy general manager Sun Fengqiang awarded certificates and prizes for outstanding employees, encourage their arrogance, in the new year to play an exemplary role, and make new contributions.

Company chairman Chen Ziming made a concluding statement, affirmed the achievements of the company in 2015, also hope that all employees of the company, a clear understanding of the current economic situation, seize the opportunity, to guard against arrogance and rashness, 2016 to obtain more
Good grades.

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