My company was named "12th Five-Year" national pum

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October 12, 2015, the National Standardization Technical Committee of the general assembly and the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee held in Hangzhou. The meeting the National Standardization Technical Committee of the fourth session of the pump and the fifth annual work plan summary report and discuss the fifth national pump Standardization Technical Committee and the Secretariat of the "constitution" "rules", issued by the fifth session of the National Standardization Technical Committee pump certificate, and in recognition of the "12th Five-Year" national advanced unit of the standardization work of pump industry and advanced workers. My company was named "12th Five-Year" national pump industry standardization work advanced unit, engineer Li Juan was elected to the National Standardization Technical committee.
The revision work in recent years the company attaches great importance to product standards, were sent 3 technical personnel to participate in the national Vacuum Technology Standardization Technical Committee SAC/TC18, the National Standardization Technical Committee SAC/TC211 pump work. In order to better participate in the revision of the standard, the annual work meeting of our company employees to actively participate in the annual review meetings, and participate in the standard, the standard of mechanical industry sponsored by the Federation of machinery industry China drafting personnel training system, learning GB/T 1.1-2000 "directives for Standardization - part first: standard structure and writing rules" and "preparation of standard template (TDS2.0)" training, and constantly improve their own quality. In all aspects of the standard drafting, comments, submission, approval and other relevant units, and the employees of the Technical Committee for effective communication and to constantly improve the standards of content, quality and quantity to complete the tasks assigned by the authority. After several years of efforts and improve, as of 2015, the company has the vacuum technology standard SAC/TC18 technical committee member 1, member of the National Committee of SAC/TC211 pump standardization technology 1, National Standardization Technical Committee of pump working group of 2 members of the international standard. In the past five years, the company presided over the drafting of national standards 1, participated in the revision of national standards, industry standards, a total of more than 10, national standards and industry standards in the review of a total of more than 120 items.
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