China nuclear puzzle

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10 years ago, China's nuclear power development has established a "I based, Sino foreign cooperation, the introduction of technology to promote localization" line. However, follow the foreign version of the design, improve the proportion of domestic equipment manufacturing...... China's nuclear power industry did not give independent research and development to bring a smooth future. After a long time of "moderate development", China nuclear power construction has entered a "positive development" stage, but in the hands of the second generation nuclear power technology, the model was almost abandoned. The third generation of nuclear power technology is facing the problem of re introduction.
The huge Chinese nuclear power market sends out the "magnetic field" to attract the parties to the gold rush. For a time, China's nuclear power market has become the world's nuclear power giants game.
Since 2004, the introduction of the third generation of nuclear power technology in China is still brewing. During the development of nuclear power circles around the nuclear power technology roadmap dispute and how to temper the Chinese independent nuclear power technology is becoming more and more heated debate
Reporter Wang Qiang
On Sept. 30, the two companies are competing for the Chinese - Areva nuclear power single (Areva) group (Framatome) and Framatome nuclear power company (Westinghouse) on behalf of Westing House Electric Corporation in the United States, in the same time to explore China nuclear localization within the forum.
After the forum, the two opponents hurried away. Westinghouse technology transfer and localization manager Mark refused to comment on the reporter's questions. Has been out of the hall's deputy representative in China Chen Yaqin face reporters emotionally intense, a gentle speech. "Things are complicated." She said, is to speed up the pace.
Obviously, China government on speeding up the development of nuclear power market policies to stimulate these international nuclear power giants of the adrenal gland, which also makes the Chinese third generation nuclear power bidding delays become more sensitive and blurred.
On March 22nd, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting approved in principle by the national development and Reform Commission presided over the drafting of the "long-term nuclear power development plan (2005 - 2020)". Whether it is still in the Framatome Westinghouse, the first time to learn this important news.
The day of the meeting listened to the national development and Reform Commission report on the long-term development of nuclear power planning. The meeting clearly, to actively promote the construction of nuclear power, the national energy strategy is important for economic and social development, to meet the growing demand for energy, realize the coordinated development of energy, economy and ecological environment, enhance the Chinese comprehensive economic strength and the level of industrial technology, has important significance.
The technical route had been debate over the issue, "planning" requirements of the unified technical development route, adhere to independent design and innovation, pay attention to absorb international experience and advanced technology, and strive to form a comprehensive ability of the bulk of the construction of advanced nuclear power plant; at the same time fully established in line with the international advanced level of the construction and operation management mode, form the complete autonomy of the nuclear power industry system and the system of regulations and standards for nuclear power.
This covers the next 15 years, the medium and long term development plan of nuclear power once again clear that by 2020, China's nuclear power installed capacity reached 40 million kilowatts.
This means that China needs to start each year 2 - 3 kilowatts of nuclear power units." Shen Wenquan, deputy director of the China National Nuclear Corporation science and Technology Commission, the business week, said, the only way to speed up the construction, in order to ensure the realization of this goal is expected to achieve."
For such a huge market, some experts estimate that the potential value of the construction of China's nuclear power plant is about tens of billions of dollars.
In April 3rd, another news that "Framatome" are more China believe the government will set off a new round of upsurge in the field of nuclear power construction. On the same day, Australian Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and Australian Prime Minister Howard signed the Sino Australian cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy agreement and the agreement on the transfer of nuclear materials. According to Australian officials revealed that the agreement, China will import about 20 thousand tons of uranium from Australia in the next 10 years, equivalent to the current uranium production in Australia is about two times. Such a large demand for uranium resources, and China's nuclear power construction in the next 15 years is clearly linked to the goal.
When the huge Chinese nuclear power market sends out the "magnetic field" attracted all the gold rush, China itself does not seem to be fully prepared. In theory, the development of nuclear power technology roadmap problem is still in dispute; but in reality, the introduction of the difficulties, Chinese independent research and development difficult. China's nuclear power development blueprint is still full of variables.
Three generation of technical bidding delays
In September 2004, Chinese third generation nuclear power plant bidding work -- three in Zhejiang and Guangdong Yangjiang nuclear power plant to supply the international tender, February 28, 2005 officially closing, more than and 10 international nuclear power giants submitted the tender documents to the China Island National Development and reform commission. After the primaries, the Russian atomic energy export company (ASE), Westinghouse Electric and the French Framatome three companies shortlisted.
The tender of the three door and the Yangjiang nuclear power plant to 4 million kilowatt nuclear power units, the total value is $8 billion, the contract was also known as the "single century". In the face of such a large bidders who can be described as "red eyes".
In August 2005 the first stage of the negotiation, out of Russia due to technical reasons, only the United States Westinghouse and the French framatome. According to the plan, the end of October 2005 will be issued tender results, but because of intense game between the United States and the French Framatome Westinghouse, the bidding results were announced until November after the announcement. But by November, the tender results announced again postponed, still

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