Vacuum pump market and its application

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A vacuum pump is a device used to produce, improve, and vacuum in a variety of closed spaces. The vacuum pump can be defined as: chemical or physical methods for pumping the container by pumping and vacuum equipment or equipment. With the development of vacuum, vacuum pumps have been carried out a variety of species, the pumping speed from a few liters per second to several hundred thousand liters per second, millions of liters. According to the working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can basically be divided into two types, that is, gas transfer pump and gas capture pump. With the vacuum technique application and scientific research in the field of demand for its pressure scale more and more wide, mostly demand by several vacuum pump vacuum pumping system with pumping ability after the study of the process of the demand, using the touch operation because the vacuum scale is very wide, so the vacuum pump can thoroughly work pressure scale, the same only on the basis of different job requirements, the use of vacuum pump.
In order to facilitate the use of a variety of vacuum technology and the needs of the process, the water ring vacuum pump will be a variety of vacuum pumps according to their functional requirements, combined with the use of unit type. The work principle of water ring vacuum pump vacuum pump / liquid ring vacuum pump working principle of water ring vacuum pump is a rough vacuum pump, water ring pumps can be used as compressor, called water ring compressor, is attributed to the low pressure compressor. The water ring pump is used as a self priming pump and is gradually used in many industrial sectors, such as petroleum, medicine and food. In the process of industrial production in many technologies, such as vacuum filter, vacuum water, vacuum feed, vacuum evaporation, vacuum evaporation, vacuum degassing and vacuum conditioning, water ring pumps are widely used. Because of the use of vacuum to carry out the rapid development of the water pump in the vacuum has been the focus of attention. Because the water pump in the gas compression is isothermal, it can be pumped in addition to flammable, explosive gas, in addition to pumping dust, therefore, the use of water ring pump increasing. The pump body is provided with water as working fluid. When the impeller rotates clockwise according to the diagram, the water was thrown around the impeller, because the effect of centrifugal force, water constitutes a decision on the pump is similar to the thickness of the closed ring etc.. The lower part of the water ring and the impeller wheel tangent, the water ring and the upper inside and outside the top leaves touch.
At the moment between the impeller wheel water ring shaped space, and this space has been divided into several small impeller blades. And communicated with the end face of the suction port, this gas is inhaled, when the suction cavity and the suction port is at the end of the barrier; when the impeller rotates continuously, the cavity by a small change, make the gas is compressed; when the cavity communicates with the exhaust port, the gas will be discharged out of the pump. To sum up, the water ring pump is to rely on changes in the volume of the pump cavity to complete the suction, compression and exhaust, so it belongs to variable capacity vacuum pump. The pressure at the entrance of the pump is greater than the pressure in the space A, so the gas is inhaled. When the space between the A and the suction port is blocked, that is, to the direction of the space B, the gas began to be compressed, and eventually communicated with the exhaust port. When the compressed gas exceeds the exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve is pushed by the compressed gas, gas through the fuel tank into the atmosphere. From the pump to work, to reach the intention of pumping. If the discharged to another level, from the low vacuum level pumping, low vacuum level after the compression of the atmosphere, that constitutes a double pump. At this time, the ratio of the total to two, thus increasing the ultimate vacuum.
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